YPC News   •   January 16, 2020

Mareike Transfeld, YPC Researcher, presented her work on the Yemeni security sector at the university of Berlin.

Based on her research on the Yemeni security sector, Mareike Transfeld traces the increasing fragmentation of the Yemeni state. She argues that this fragmentation is not taken into account by the UN format for peace talks. This is an important reason for the failure of the peace talks, which, after almost 5 years, still could not contribute to a political solution to the conflict. She argues that the path-dependency of the UN approach defined by the GCC Initiative, UN Resolution 2216 and the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference are blocking meaningful negotiations. She points to ways how the current UN mission can circumvent these restrictions through a more flexible approach.

Mareike Transfeld is a doctoral student at the “Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies”. She is also a research consultant in research projects on the Yemeni security sector at the “Yemen Polling Center” and associate fellow at the “Center for Applied Research in Partnership with the Orient” in Bonn. Before that, Mareike Transfeld was a research assistant at the “Science and Politics Foundation” in Berlin.

Prof. Dr. Cilja Harders is head of the Political Center in the Maghreb, Mashreq and Golf at the Free University of Berlin.

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