YPW News   •   June 20, 2017

On June 15, 2017, with the generous support of the German Institute for Foreign Relations, YPC launched Yemen’s first online magazine focused on culture.

create an online media platform that puts the reconciliatory initiatives of Yemeni people – young and old – at the forefront. Commonalities of the Yemeni people, rather than differences should be focused on. Cultural activities, such as movie screenings or art exhibitions dealing with the current state of Yemeni politics and art; the Basement, a youth initiative in Sanaa, where young people come together to make music; the SupportYemen initiative with it’s campaign „Make Art, Not war“, young Adeni women teaching Houthi child soldier prisoners how to read or TED events organized by university students.

The media platform is to give a voice to those marginalized by violent fighting, and it is to create a media space for „civil“ Yemenis who dreamed of building a civil state in Yemen and whose hopes were disappointed by the current conflict. Rather than armed tribal fighters or sectarian militias, in this space peaceful initiatives will take center stage.

The goal of this media project – in the sense of peace journalism – is to remind Yemenis of their hopes and dreams for a better future together, to show them the continuous activities of Yemeni civil society in the face of violent conflict, and to build bridges between social and political groups, which have drifted further apart in the course of the last years. Rather than using sectarian or regional language, the image of Yemen represented in this website should be based on the consensual outcomes of the NDC. And rather than having a negative impact on the trajectory of the conflict in Yemen by mobilizing one side against the other, this media platform will emphasize the ordinary citizens and their exhaustion of violent conflict. And most importantly, young people across the country should be able to identify with the media platform.