Yemen’s education system at a tipping point

Youth between their future and present survival

Mareike Transfeld

Study   •   January, 2018

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Transfeld, Mareike (2018) “Yemen’s education system at a tipping point: Youth between their future and present survival,” in Politics, Governance, and Reconstruction in Yemen,” POMEPS STUDIES 29.

The war that has tormented Yemen for over two years is putting 4.5 Yemeni children and youth at risk of being completely deprived of an education. Next to the deteriorating security, the destitute economic situation is currently putting enormous stress on the country’s already weak educational system. Nearly half of the country’s population is under the age of 18. Their future is immediately intertwined with the future of Yemen. On the one hand, the lack of education leads to the militarization of communities. On the other hand, without a proper education, Yemen’s new generations will not be able to shoulder the future burden of reconstructing the economy and state that are currently being destroyed, see Carapico in this collection. Problems contributing to the deterioration of education in Yemen are not entirely new, but rather exacerbated by the ongoing war. In fact, the war reverses all progress that has been made in Yemen in terms of the quality and quantity of education provision.