YPC News   •   August 27, 2017

From 23 February through 30 March 2017, the Yemen Polling Center (YPC) conducted a study to understand Yemeni citizens’ perceptions toward the economic and political situation in Yemen amid the growing security chaos. The center received responses from 4,000 individuals from all Yemeni governorates except Sa’dah and Soqotra, and women represented 50% of the respondents. Twenty-nine percent of respondents reported completing at least secondary school, and over 6 percent reported having a college degree. The majority of respondents (75.6%) were between the age of 18 to 45.

In general, the opinions about personal safety and security are conflicting. Most respondents (59%) reported that they are “mostly” or “always” feeling safe in Yemen; however, there was some variance between provinces as 55% of Al-Baydha residents showed serious concerns about their personal safety, mainly due to airstrikes and armed clashes. When asked for the main threat that endangers their personal safety, 30% of respondents selected airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition as the primary threat, followed by Houthi bombings (9%) and terrorism/al-Qaeda (2%).

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