The Role of the Media in Peacebuilding in Yemen

Fatima Saleh, Scott Preston and Mareike Transfeld

YPC Policy Report   •   April 17, 2020


The media holds an important role in contributing to or mediating in conflict, framing societal issues, constructing the historic record and furthering narratives. Yemen’s media landscape requires substantial support and reform in order to make a constructive contribution to peacebuilding. The increased political capture of the Yemeni media since 2014 has reinforced diverging political discourses and has contributed to polarization across society and to political fragmentation. Content of newspapers, television and online platforms has further eroded journalistic standards through the circulation of articles and news with biased angles, ungrounded “facts” and ethical disregard. Practitioners face steep challenges in composing professional stories. Journalists are subject to harassment, intimidation, abduction and violence. The destruction of infrastructure, currency devaluation and delays in salary payment also inhibit media operations. Yet, journalists remain hopeful of the prospect of media reform and are eager to detail the prerequisites for proactive change. Encouraging the development of independent news outlets, independent funding and capacity-building activities could enable the media to contribute to mutual understanding, deescalation and the requirements for peace.

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