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Understanding Security


The Yemen Polling Center (YPC) started its security program in 2012 with the assistance of the EU Delegation to Yemen. In its 8 year history, YPC’s research as part of the security program has established fundamental knowledge on the Yemeni security sector, its dynamics, people’s perceptions on security, and security of women.

Building on the EU-supported security program, in 2017, YPC started to conduct an institutional capacity assessment of rule of law institutions with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Since April 2020, YPC together with CARPO and the funding of the Canadian Foreign Ministry is conducting research on the function and set up of security committees.


YPC’s security programme seeks to understand security from the community’s perspective. In its projects, YPC has researched which actors are relevant in terms of security provision and which are threats to security. Through in-depth interviews and observation, YPC tries to determine if and how state and non-state security providers cooperate and how cooperation can improve.

With its special focus on gender, YPC has published on women’s security needs, and women’s role in security provision. YPC implemented an entire project focused on the improvement of the legal framework and detention conditions of women.

  • Conditions and Framework for Multilayered Security Network

  • Improve Conditions for Women in Security

  • Inform Post-Conflict Reconstruction Efforts

Concepts & Theories

Improving Women's Security in Yemen.


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Publications and Results


Since 2012, YPC cooperates with the EU in projects concerning security and security sector reform.

  • Security Governance in Yemen. Conditions and Framework for a multi-layered Security Network (2012 -2015)
  • Enhancing Legal Security, Arrest Procedures, and Detention Conditions of Women and Girls (2014)
  • Rebuilding Peace and Security in Yemen (2016-2019)
  • Institutional Capacity of Rule of Law Institutions (2017-2019)

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