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Project Description



Raiman Al-Hamdani joined YPC as a Research Fellow in 2019. Prior to YPC, he was a Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations focusing on Yemen. Raiman’s academic and professional works is oriented toward issues of security and development in the MENA region.Raiman was born and raised in Yemen; his family hails from both the south and the north. During his undergraduate years, Raiman was active in the field of development, volunteering at schools for disabled children, working in internally displaced camps, and representing Yemen at the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations.

He continues to consult and publish on Yemeni issues for various development agencies and academic institutes. Raiman maintains an active interest in advocating for bottom-up development initiatives and local community work in Yemen. Having lived all over the world, he remains a dedicated researcher and writer on Yemen and an avid fan of Yemen’s unique cultural heritage.

He holds a master’s degree in International Security from the American University in Cairo and a master’s in Development from SOAS, the University of London.