YPC News   •   September 10, 2019

On September 10, 2019, YPC in collaboration with Data4Change is launching the “Perceiving Yemen” website. The site was designed by an international team and gives an overview of life in 20 of Yemen’s 22 governorates and shows how the living situation compares to each other, providing valuable information to all stakeholders. The data was collected in a nationwide survey with a sample of 1500 between the ages of 15 and 24 across Yemen. The data set is part of the EU-funded project “Youth Voices in Yemen.”

“Perceiving Yemen” is a mobile-first website and will allow users to have easy access to the collected data. It was a challenge, how to make it easy to understand for people who are not familiar with data and statistics, mobile-friendly, work in areas with no or little internet, easily sharable via social media and Bluetooth, easily understood even for users who didn’t know how to read very well, and available in both Arabic and English. The team was successful in overcoming all these difficulties related to the poor situation in Yemen.

The data can be downloaded and shared via Bluetooth as an interactive and exploratory data visualization tool. Furthermore, the website is available in English and Arabic and can be used online and offline. It also has audio descriptions to enable users who can’t read to understand.

YPC started its cooperation with Data4Change in 2018, a London-based organization that helps civil society to create powerful data-driven advocacy campaigns. YPC was invited in February 2018 by Data4Change to attend a workshop held in Beirut . Two representatives participated in this workshop, Amr Moqbfil, Project Coordinator at YPC, and Tawfik Hisham, Quality Control Officer at YPC. They met with global experts in data, design, and journalism gathered from Libya, Mexico, the UK, and Brazil. They learned ways to overcome the difficulties in visualizing huge amounts of polling data and to create data-driven projects.

Before attending the workshop, the participants had to submit a dataset. This data was used as a guide to discuss how to turn data into a project that will help to make the data collected by YPC easy to understand for the general public. Tawfiq Hisham, said “Our main concern was how to make the data more accessible for everyone!”

YPC collects an enormous amount of data and conducts research in the fields of security, policing, youth on social and political issues and media consumption since 2004. But there was always a need to make the data more accessible to ordinary Yemeni, to promote local change.

As a result of the discussions at the workshop, the team worked to create a tool to showcase how Yemeni people perceive daily living conditions in their country using the data provided by YPC. The result was a website that allows users to visualize data to better understand the lives of youth in Yemen. “We are proud of the production team for managing to do all this work and grateful for YPC’s support in making that happen!” Stina Backer, from Data4Change, said.

As noticed, Yemen receives little media attention when it comes to the daily struggles of Yemenis. As most of the international media focuses only on the political aspect of the ongoing conflict, neglecting the real living conditions of Yemeni people. It’s highly needed for youth in Yemen to have their voices heard during these troubled times.

Written by Shaima Bin Othman

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