YPC News   •   May 13, 2013

On Sunday, May 12, 2013 the Yemen Association for Parliamentary Journalists (YAP) met with members of parliament Mohammed Almigdad (GPC) and Mohamad Abdulkhaleg Alaisi (GPC) to discuss the challenges journalists are facing when trying to access information on parliamentary proceedings.

The journalists said that they often face difficulties when requesting parliamentary reports. This forces journalists to rely on secondary information, which often results in a misrepresentation of facts. Moreover, journalists told the parliamentarians that they are often not let into parliament to report on sessions. The journalists demanded improved procedures for admitting journalists into the house.

The MPs, on the other side, stated that they were unaware of many of these problems, but at the same time complained that much of the reporting on Parliament is exaggerated. Yet, the MPs promised they would support the cause of the journalists and present the complaints to the Speaker of Parliament, Yahya al-Rai.

YAP was founded in December 2012, with the support of YPC in the framework of its Yemen Parliament Watch project.