Project Description

Maged Sultan


Maged Sultan is a Yemeni peacebuilding practitioner and activist. He is the Chairman of Youth without Borders Organization for Development, a local NGO which works on youth’s empowerment, peacebuilding, coexistence and security.  He holds a Master Degree of Arts in English and works as an expert consultant for various local and international NGOs on peacebuilding and security issues. In addition, he is a professional trainer on the UN Security Council Resolution on Youth, Peace, and Security and has participated in many national and international events. Previously, he was a columnist for Yemen Times English Newspaper and published over a hundred articles on social, political and youth’s issues in Yemen. Maged’s work has been devoted to the stability of local communities and has established a wide network with local authorities, activists, journalists and international organizations. He is currently researching security provision in the city of Taiz in the framework of an EU-funded project on “Rebuilding Peace and Security in Yemen.”