Programme Monitoring and Evaluation

Since its establishment, YPC has implemented programme monitoring and evaluation, as well as needs assessment projects across all areas of Yemen. In order to assist international and national organizations to not only improve the design of their project, but also determine a project's impact. YPC develops its methodologies based on the project's characteristics as well as the client's needs.

Programme monitoring
YPC understands the monitoring of projects to be an ongoing process. Employing both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, YPC provides partners with constant feedback on the progress and impact of their projects. Measuring a project's outputs against predetermined standards allows YPC to assess weaknesses and recommend corrective measures before the implementation of a project is completed. YPC's interviewers distributed across the country allows YPC to monitor projects that are out of the reach of donor organizations.

Programme evaluation
YPC conducts programme evaluation in order to assist organizations understand the impact of any implemented project. The evaluation is to ensure that investments effectively serve the strategic objectives and requirements of projects. Evaluation methodologies are designed by YPC staff in cooperation with clients to ensure maximal research results. Our geographical reach ensures that projects implemented in Yemen's most remote areas can be evaluated, while adhering to the highest standards of social science research.

Needs assessment studies
In order to assist international and national organizations determine the needs of beneficiaries, YPC conducts needs assessment research in all areas of Yemen. Understanding the needs of beneficiaries will not only enable organizations to better design their projects, but to ensure training activities can be tailored according to the needs of trainees. The assessment tool is designed by YPC staff in cooperation with clients to ensure the best research outputs. YPC is capable of assessing the needs of any groups in any area of Yemen.