Focus Group Discussions

Since its establishment, YPC has implemented more than 300 focus groups in all areas of Yemen. The center has built an expertise in conducting focus group research in a variety of topics including social, political, economic, development and security related issues.

Recruiting of Focus Groups
YPC's methodology to recruit focus group participants adheres to the highest standards of social science research. The participants for each focus group are selected based on criteria provided by the client and/or developed by YPC according to general criteria and the specific research objective of each project. The recruiting teams, consisting of a field supervisor and interviewers, are distributed in different areas of the targeted governorates. Interviewers randomly submit screener surveys to residents to determine the individuals' characteristics. The recruiting teams select 13 to 15 participants.

Instrument Design
Focus group discussions have the goal to explore a subject and the depth of information you can potentially learn. YPC personnel at the headquarters designs the instrument based on the research objective defined by the client. Particularly the center's in-depth knowledge of local dialects and circumstances within the communities enables YPC to design highly effective instruments that guarantee maximal research results.

Training of Moderators
The moderators tasked with holding the focus group discussions are highly experienced and receive training for each individual focus group. The training is provided at the YPC headquarters in Sanaa before the moderators go into the field. In the training, the moderators are not only prepared for the technical aspects of moderating a focus group discussion, but are also made sensible to the topic and possible problems they may encounter during the discussion.

Moderating a Focus Group
Before a focus group discussion is held, the moderator checks the environment to ensure it is suitable for the discussion. Discussions are recorded with high quality equipment and a researcher observing the focus group from a distance is tasked with taking notes.

Transcript and Translation
At the YPC headquarters in Sanaa, transcripts and summaries of the recordings of the focus group discussions are prepared. Translators ensure at the headquarters translate the transcripts ensuring the data is submitted to the client in both English and Arabic.