The headquarters of YPC is located in central Sanaa's banking and business district and the operational office in Aden. the two offices house the center's administration, which ensures the smooth running of the organization and all of its operations.

The field work department is at the heart of the center. Here the client's projects are processed, starting with research design to the submission of the data set and data reports. The department includes its management, data entry, quality control as well as the 500 interviewers who are based in the field. Both the center's human and material resources ensure the highest quality of the research design, data collection and processing.

Besides all necessary technology for data collection, the headquarter is also homes to a library and resources for desk research, to ensure our staff is always up to date with not only the political and economic developments of the country, but also in regard to research methodologies.

The various training and conference facilities available at YPC provide space for the training of enumerators as well as meetings with partners.