United Nations

United Nations Perception survey (2014)
For the United Nation Yemen Office, YPC carried out a survey in order to gauge the Yemeni citizens' opinions, knowledge level, and perception on the UN and its various agencies. The study also aimed to understand general public media consumption habits and information channels used by the general public to receive information on the UN. The survey sampled 1000 Yemenis in 20 governorates.

WFP Food Security and Seasonal Safety Net survey (2011 – 2012)
The Yemen Polling Center conducted a two-wave baseline and end line survey for the World Food Programme on food security issues. 3500 interviews were conducted in each wave in 2 governorates (Hajja and Ibb). The baseline survey was conducted in September 2011 targeted about 150 Food Distribution Points (FDP). The end line survey was conducted with the same FDPs and the same households in May 2012.

UNAIDS Survey (2010)
3000 interviews were conducted between Junes to July 2010 in 11 governorates. The survey aimed to evaluate the programs which have been implemented in Yemen regarding HIV-AIDS prevention and awareness.

Human Rights Awareness Survey (2010)
At the request UNDP, the UNFPA, and the Ministry of Human Rights, YPC conducted a nationwide survey targeting 6,000 respondents on awareness, attitudes, and the extent to which human rights are realized in Yemen.

World Bank

MENA Enterprise Survey (2013-2014)
360 Interviews were conducted using CAPI system between May 2013 and July 2014 in all governorates. The survey is assessment for large, medium and small enterprises in Yemen.

World Bank Survey on Decentralization (2013)
At the request of the World Bank, YPC conducted a survey on Yemeni sentiments and perceptions on decentralization. The study examines the knowledge level of the Yemeni elite of the concept of decentralization, the state of decentralization both before and after the 2011 uprising, as well as perceived challenges and benefits of decentralization. The sample consisted of 300 elites, including members of the National Dialogue Conference.

Yemeni Health Facilities (2010)
About 1100 interviews were conducted between October and November 2010 in 4 governorates. The survey gauged the Yemeni citizens’ attitudes, opinions and evaluation regarding the provision of health services.  

Rural Investment Climate Survey (RICS) (2010)
In partnership with the World Bank, YPC conducted a survey in Sana’a, Dhamar and Lahj. The survey, comprised three different questionnaires, sought to collect data about the investment climate in rural areas, the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs, the type of formal or informal enterprises existing in the rural areas and the availability of infrastructure there.


Project Green (2013-2014)
As a part of a Global survey including 25 countries, YPC conducted a biannual nation-wide survey with a sample size of 1000 for Princeton Survey Research Associates International (PSRAI) the state of affairs of global issues.

D3 Systems

Various Surveys (2012-2014)
YPC conducted for D3 Systems a number of surveys covering issues such as media, security, and public opinion on several topics. The surveys were carried out nationwide and sampled 1,000 to 2,000 respondents.


Gallup World Poll (2006 – Present)
YPC is Gallup’s partner in Yemen for the Gallup World Poll. The Gallup’s World Poll continually surveys citizens in more than 150 countries, representing 97% of the world’s adult population, measuring the public’s attitudes concerning political, social and economic issues, including highly sensitive and controversial subjects.

Gallup GAP survey (2012 - 2013)
In 2012 and 2013, YPC conducted the GAP Survey for Gallup. With a sample  size of 25,000 (divided into two waves), the survey aimed at gaining better understanding of the political, social, cultural, security, and economic environments in urban and rural Yemen. The questions included tackled issues such as quality of life, civil liberties, foreign relations, media habits, security, basic services, and general lifestyle.

BBG Media Survey for Gallup (2013)
In a survey conducted in 20 governorates, YPC inquired about media consumption patterns, including use of newspapers, television, radio and internet. The sample consisted of 1500 Yemenis.


NDI Survey for GQRR (2013-2014)
YPC conducted a nation-wide survey on voter intentions and perception of political parties, as well as on the general political and social expectations in the transition process, with a special focus on the National Dialogue.

NDI Survey (2013)
YPC conducted a nation-wide survey with a sample of 1486 on voter intentions and perception of political parties, as well as on the general political and social expectations in the transition process, with a special focus on the National Dialogue Conference.


Post-election Public Survey (2012)
YPC carried out a survey for IFES asking citizens' opinions on 2012 Presidential Elections. With 2000 respondents interviewed in all Yemen's governorates, the survey covered the topics of voter participation and feedback on different electoral procedures, integrity and fairness of the elections, in addition to effectiveness of the public information campaign, women's involvement in politics and perceptions of the political situation, the transition process, and their future expectations.

Status of Women in Yemen (2010)
YPC implemented a survey for the International Foundations for Elections Systems (IFES) addressing the status of women in Yemen. The project was particularly focused on understanding women’s political and electoral rights.