Rebuilding Peace and Security in Yemen (2016-2019)

The Delegation of the European Union to Yemen has awarded a grant and finance a 3-year project entitled: "Rebuilding Peace and Security in Yemen". The project's main objective is to contribute to peace-building, conflict-prevention, and security in Yemen. The project also aims to:
a) Investigate and analyze security perceptions as well as non-state security actors on the ground with the aim of enhancing knowledge on the multiplicity of security issues and non-state security actors in Yemen;
b) Identify and train local security interlocutors with the aim of contributing to establishing local expertise a future Yemeni government as well as international actors might draw on in developing (national) security strategies for Yemen;
c) Contribute to establishing links between state and non-state security actors on the local level with the aim of facilitating mediation, dialogue, and security cooperation.
d) Contribute to developing rules for the interaction of state and non-state security actors in the provision of security.
The action includes 2 wave-survey of 8000 respondent nationwide and
The action will take place in the whole nation; with focus on Sanaa Capital, Ibb, Ma’rib, al-Dhali‘, Aden, al-Hudayda.
The first survey findings can be downloaded via this link.

To learn more about the geographical reach of our survey, please follow this link: