Security Governance in Yemen. Conditions and Framework for a multi-layered Security Network (2012 - )

Funded by the European Union's Instrument for Stability, YPC is implementing the Security Governance in Yemen project (2012-2014). The overall objective of this project is to enter into the Yemeni state-building efforts the idea of multi-layered security sector governance that encompasses state as well as non-state actors.

The specific objectives of this action are  to assess the conditions for and facilitate the creation of a multi-layered approach to security sector governance in Yemen that takes into account local perceptions on security as well as local security structures.

Next to strengthen the security sector oversight capacity of Parliament, the project also aims to enhance the capacities of civil society actors, specifically women, and journalists to contribute to the monitoring of and advocacy for accountable security governance.

project website:

project publications:

   Policy Report - Mapping Popular Perceptions: Local Security, Insecurity and Police Work in Yemen - July 2014
  Policy Report - Integrating Women's Security Interests in Police Reform in Yemen: Some Suggestions for Structural Reform - June 2013
  Policy Brief - Towards a (Gender) Equality Department at the MoI - June 2013

Project News, Events, Links:

- YPC releases major findings of nation-wide survey on public perception of the security sector and police work in Yemen (January 30, 2013)
- YPC holds workshop on the role of CSOs, media in police oversight (September 4, 2014)
- The Security Sector in Yemen. No State, No Problem? Holger Albrecht (March 31, 2013)
- Violence in Yemen: Thinking About Violence in Fragile States Beyond the Confines of Conflict and Terrorism, Alexandra Lewis (2013)
- People Perceived (In)Security Levels, Marie-Christine Heinze (April 2013)
- Drones and the YPC Report, Adam Baron (April 25, 2013)
- Security Sector Reform in Yemen and Libya (March 28, 2013)