Civil Society Forum (2012 - 2013)

Funded by the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights, YPC implemented the Civil Society Forum project (2012-2013).

The overall objective of this project was to strengthen Yemeni civil society and its ability to positively impact on human rights and democracy in Yemen.

To achieve this goal, YPC established a forum that allows for the exchange of ideas, contacts, and expertise among activists in all regions of Yemen for the sake of better coordination, cooperation, and information.

To strengthen the capacities of local youth activists and civil society in promoting and protecting human rights, democracy, and a civic culture in Yemen and to create awareness among youth and civil society activists for effective human rights
and civic culture promotion, YPC conducted a number of training workshops in different Yemeni provinces.

To ultimate goal was to build real and effective partnerships between civil society on the international, national, and local level, youth activists, politicians, and the media.

Project Website:

Project Publication:

  Policy Brief - Supporting Youth Activism in Yemen: Challenges, Priorities and Needs – November 2013
  Policy Brief - The Youth Movement and its Activist - December 2013
  Policy Brief - Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Yemen: Achievements and Challenges - December 2013

Project News, Events, Links:

  YPC Youth Lobby Group and Journalist Association Workshops
  The YPC hosts a workshop on CSO's and youth survey results