YPC releases major findings of nation-wide survey on public perception of the security sector and police work in Yemen

Wednesday, 30 January, 2013

In a major public event organized by the Yemen Polling Center (YPC) at the Police Officers' Club in Sanaa today, YPC published the findings of its representative nation-wide survey on Public Perceptions of the Security Sector and Police Work in Yemen. This survey is part of a wider YPC project on security sector governance, funded by the European Union within the framework of its Stability Instrument. It aims at bringing society into the ongoing reform of the security sector within the Yemeni transition process.

The event was opened by the President of YPC, Hafez Albukari, and then followed by opening remarks from the Ambassador of the European Delegation to Yemen, Bettina Muscheidt, and by the Minister of Interior, Dr. Abd al-Qadir Qahtan. After the presentation of the major survey findings by Hafez Albukari, the Minister of Interior and the head of the Restructuring Committee of the Ministry, Dr. Riyadh al-Qirshi, responded to the presented survey findings and elaborated on the ongoing reform of the Ministry and particularly the police forces. Dr. al-Qirshi moreover responded to questions from journalists present. The event was broadcasted in national and international media.

The objectives of the survey, which was implemented by YPC in November and December 2012, were to better understand the nature of insecurity in Yemen, local security provision, non-state security actors, attitudes of the public towards the police, and gender-related security issues in order to provide input on necessities & opportunities of security sector reform. Amongst others, YPC came to the following conclusions, based on the survey findings:

  • There is a general interest of the Yemeni public to have the state more involved in the provision of security to citizens on the ground.
  • Security sector reform in Yemen needs to take into account the country‘s regional and social diversity.
  • Security provision in Yemen by the police must involve non-state actors in most if not all regions, but such involvement should be complementary to the work of state institutions and within the framework of established rules and mechanisms.
  • Police in Yemen must work to enhance its professionalism in order to gain the trust of the people.
  • Police reform in Yemen has to take into account the special security interests of women and girls by employing more women in the police force so that these can cater to the special security interests of women according to the Yemeni social context.
A more analytical report on the survey findings will be published in the next months. Next to this survey, YPC will both publish a guide on democratic oversight of the security sector as well as a report on the integration of women's security interests into police work in Yemen next month. Moreover, YPC conducted two workshops in the past two days in which members of civil society, journalists, and policewomen exchanged their experiences with security provision in Yemen, its obstacles and opportunities for reform, with members of the Restructuring Committee of the Ministry of Interior.

YPC's project on security sector governance in Yemen is the only ongoing initiative in Yemen that aims at bringing the voice and interests of society into the process of security sector reform.

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