YPC holds workshop on the role of CSOs, media in police oversight

Thursday, 04 September, 2014

The Yemen Polling Center (YPC) held on Monday a special workshop that brought together civil society organizations and media representatives involved in the oversight of the security sector with members of the Restructuring Committee of the Ministry of Interior.

The workshop, which was run by YPC Chairman Hafez al-Bukari and which took place in the framework of a larger YPC project  on security sector governance funded by  the European Union, aimed at facilitating information exchange between the Restructuring Committee of the MoI and society.

During the workshop, participants listened to a detailed presentation about the ongoing work of the Interior Ministry’s Reconstruction Committee, presented by Deputy Chief of the Research Centre of the Police Academy, Abdulmonem al-Shaibani, and member of the Academic Committee in the Reconstruction Committee, Nadeem Al-Tirzi.

The participants reviewed efforts and activities from CSOs and the media and their perceptions of police institutions, listed obstacles encountered with the police in their work for the security of Yemeni citizens, and brought forward suggestions for reforming the police sector to better cater to the security of Yemeni citizens.

In addition to the workshop, on Tuesday, 29 January 2013 YPC is organizing a workshop for organizations concerned with women’s security issues.

Moreover, YPC, in collaboration with the Reconstruction Committee and with funding from the European Union, will organize a symposium on public perceptions of the security sector and police work at the Police Officer Club on Wednesday, 30 January, 2013. The major results of a survey conducted on citizens security requirements, their evaluation of police services and their perception of the role of non-state security actors in the provision of security will be presented.

Diplomats, police officials, and experts concerned with the security sector as well as local, regional and international media representatives and CSOs will participate.

These events will be a good opportunity for police officials and members of the Reconstruction Committee to have contact with civil society organizations and the media and to listen to their opinions about security issues in the light of the restructuring of the Ministry of Interior and the police within the ongoing transition process.

YPC’s Security Governance project is the only initiative that gives society a voice in the reform of the security sector in Yemen.

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