#YemenBarometer: YPC releases major findings of nation-wide survey on living conditions and security-related issues

Wednesday, 17 May, 2017

The Yemen Polling Center (YPC) has just released the major findings of the largest nation-wide survey on living conditions and security-related issues ever implemented in Yemen. The survey, which was conducted in February and March of this year, targeted 4,000 respondents (50% women) in all governorates of Yemen except Sa’da and Socotra and can thus be considered representative. It is part of a wider YPC project that aims to contribute to ‘Re-building Peace and Security in Yemen’, which is funded by the European Union through its Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP).
The objectives of this survey were to understand the impact of the war on the living conditions of Yemenis; the nature of (in)security on the local level; the nature of security provision on the local level; the necessities and opportunities for peace-making and stabilization on the local level; the role of „the“ security sector on the local level; and the attitudes of the public towards gender-related security issues. The #YemenBarometer, of which this survey can be considered the starting point, will assess conditions and perceptions in Yemen relevant to policy-making on a regular basis.
Hafez Albukari, President of YPC, emphasized that the most important lesson to take away from the survey findings was the diversity of the results when broken down to the governorate level: “It is important to recognize the multiplicity of the current living conditions and of security-related issues in Yemen. Any development-related intervention in Yemen must take the variety of problems, actors and opportunities on the local level into account.” Albukari was also quick to emphasize, however, that there was one condition that united all Yemenis after more than two years of war in the country: “The results clearly show that the living conditions of Yemenis in all governorates have been significantly affected by the events of the last years. Any party that aims to gain the trust of the Yemeni population needs to address this issue.”

The survey findings can be downloaded via this link. http://www.yemenpolling.org/advocacy/publications3

To learn more about the geographical reach of our survey, please follow this link: http://www.yemenpolling.org/resources/Perceptions_of_the_Yemeni_public_on_living_conditions_and_security-related_issues.html