Youth Lobby Group (YLG Aden) attended a training workshop on (advocacy strategies and communication skills) that organized by Yemen Polling Center (YPC) in Sanaa, Yemen.

Monday, 01 February, 2016

Yemen Polling Center and the Ma’an for Development and Rights (MFDR) foundation, start on Saturday Morning - January 9, 2016 a three-day - First Workshop on Organization & mobilization skills and Communication Skills for Youth lobby Group Aden at YPC place. This workshop is one of a training workshop series that YPC is implanting as the second round of its Youth Lobby Group (YLG)- recruitment in the framework of the EU funded project ”Youth Voices in Policy” project. The program will take place from March 2015 to May 2017 in the five governorates: Hudaida, Aden, Al‐Dhali’, Ibb and Marib. Beside to YLG Sana’a which was established in 2013. The Twenty precipitants will provide an overview of how can the group present itself to the public, how to give a speech and public speaking skills, how to moderate discussions at conferences, how to write press releases. Relationship with Media for PR, how to communicate in radio, TV, press interviews. Precipitants also will learn how to make plan, implement and develop advocacy strategies and lobbying as well as gain skills on writing press reports and interviewing skills. After a Program Opening welcome from the YPC Project Coordinator Abdulwahab Ghazi, he provide participants a general overview of lobbying and the function of the lobby group, and the YLG- members’ function to be representatives of other youths in their community. YLG program is seeking to provide 120 participants several sills on organization and mobilization strategies, management skills, civic education skills, and the Yemeni political system in order to lead changes in the behavior of decision-makers, both in the executive or legislative level. After completing the training portion of the project, each participant will engage in a two-year voluntary professional assignment with involving relevant political, non-governmental and public policy organizations in Yemen. Through this component of the project, participants will not only actively shape their communities in terms of improving living conditions and human rights, but will also gain practical experience about the ways that institutions interact with government and civil society while also gaining valuable knowledge, experience, skills and further professional contacts to benefit their respective professional pursuits.

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